Do you know the horrors that happened where you’re standing?

Life goes on, strange isn’t it?

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Pop Culture References in Shrek 2 (1/?)

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science side of tumblr? explain?

levitate egg sackiatoo

yeah okay thanks hp fandom

the burning candle uses up all the oxygen in the bottle, which creates and a vacuum, and the resulting suction makes the egg go nyooom.

Thank you science side






science side of tumblr? explain?

levitate egg sackiatoo

yeah okay thanks hp fandom

the burning candle uses up all the oxygen in the bottle, which creates and a vacuum, and the resulting suction makes the egg go nyooom.

Thank you science side


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I wonder whose arms I would run and fall into, if I was drunk in a room with every person I have ever loved.


just wow….

The real question is who in that room would still catch you.

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no one’s an atheist 30 seconds before an orgasm


that’s the spirit





omg i never knew that disney owns marvel what what what

disney owns everything
disney owns star wars
disney owns abc
disney owns you

dose this mean the Avengers count as disney princes?





What a color scheme. I would have a damn hard time deciding how to paint each section of trim on a Victorian.


a paint job like this requires high quality paint, a lot of patience and a fuckton of masking tape




What a color scheme. I would have a damn hard time deciding how to paint each section of trim on a Victorian.


a paint job like this requires high quality paint, a lot of patience and a fuckton of masking tape

Some advice on tweeting the MCR guys (or any celebrity)


After everything Gerard’s been through on Twitter recently, I figured it was time to list some guidelines for tweeting the guys. I hope I don’t sound controlling or condescending, but a lot of fans seem to honestly not understand why certain things are offensive, and there are a lot of misconceptions like “oh, he’ll never see it anyway.” Hopefully, this guide will help us show the guys respect.

First and foremost, always assume that he’ll see your tweet. A lot of fans send the guys rude jokes to impress their friends, or take their anger and frustration out on them, because they don’t think they’ll ever see it anyway. But we know that Gerard, Mikey, and Frank see nasty tweets, because they’ve responded to a few, and they must see them when they’re scrolling through their mentions to talk to fans. I don’t know about Ray, but we can’t assume that he never checks his mentions. We have no idea how often the guys see our tweets. They’re probably online more often than we think: after all, Gerard recently revealed that he has a Tumblr blog, and we had no idea. And the insulting tweets that they have seen—those fans probably didn’t think the guys would see them, either. So before tweeting, ask yourself: how would you feel if you knew for a fact that he read your tweet? Better yet, if you were standing in front of him right now, could you say this to his face? If you don’t like your response, you probably shouldn’t tweet it.

Here’s some more guidelines:

1. Don’t joke about sensitive subjects like drug abuse, alcoholism, depression, suicide, etc. Not too long ago, someone replied to one of Gerard’s tweets with “are you drunk,” and he responded with “really don’t like seeing this tweet.” To fans, who usually haven’t experienced alcoholism or its effects, it might seem like just a joke. But alcoholism is a serious issue that made his life hell for many years. Seeing that tweet might have reminded him of the nightmare he went through, as well as rudely informed him that some fans take it lightly. It’s simply not funny, or acceptable to joke about.
This also goes for making fun of their weight or appearance, calling Gerard a “faggot” and teasing him about his sexuality, mocking Mikey for having a supposed midlife crisis (which isn’t something to laugh about), or calling Mikey a pervert or a pedophile for dating a 20-year-old woman. That’s not a joke, it’s a serious, offensive, and completely inaccurate accusation. Even if we don’t mean any harm, we shouldn’t make a joke out of Gerard or Mikey’s hardships (or any of the guys’, really.) Have some respect for what they went through.

2. Don’t clog up their mentions with requests like “follow me!” or “send me a birthday tweet!” If we do it once or twice, it’s not a big deal, but I’ve seen people flood Gerard with the same request. “Follow me!” “Please follow me!” “I love you, follow me!” If we want a celebrity to follow us or send us a tweet, we should give them something in return. Show genuine interest in them, ask thoughtful questions, and support their work, and we might catch their attention. Sending them the same message over and over just makes us look like spammers.

3. Don’t tweet Frank and Gerard about Frerard or their sexualities. Gerard’s made it clear in the past that he doesn’t appreciate Frerard tweets. I know some people do it as a joke, but when he repeatedly says that he finds it offensive and people keep doing it, it stops being funny. Think about how we would feel if people shipped us with our best friend and sent us constant tweets about it. It’s inappropriate and clearly upsetting to Gerard. (Same goes for other ships like Waycest, Gerbert, etc.)
As for the tweets that try to inform Gerard about his own sexuality, demand the “truth,” etc.: whatever our opinion, Gerard’s sexuality is none of our business. Period. I know it might seem like it is, since this fandom speculates so much, he’s engaged in “stage gay” with Frank, and he’s addressed it several times. But we don’t know him, and he’s under no obligation to tell us these things. Demanding this information or sending him Frerard tweets is crossing a personal boundary.

4. Don’t ask for details about their personal lives. This goes with the above rule. It’s normal to wonder about things, but again, the guys’ personal lives are none of our business. Mildly personal questions are okay, but there are limits. Asking Mikey “How are you and Sarah doing?” is fine, asking him “Why did you break up with Alicia?” is not. If they want us to know something, they’ll tell us—and if they don’t, they won’t respond to our tweets anyway. Overly personal questions do nothing but make them uncomfortable.

I’ve seen people claim that we deserve personal details because we buy MCR merchandise. Gerard recently shut that down by saying on Twitter “That’s not how it works, actually. I’m not your employee, and if you’re ever disrespectful to one, then I feel bad for you.” But I also want to point out that that’s like your boss telling you he deserves graphic details about that wild party you had last night because he signs your paycheck. Buying merch doesn’t make us entitled to anything. They don’t owe us: we choose to buy that merch, and even if they did owe us, it wouldn’t give us the right to disrespect them.

5. Don’t disrespect their friends or family members, then try to get their attention. We’re entitled to our opinions about the guys’ friends and family, but if we flood our Twitter accounts with insults directed at them, then turn around and suck up to the band member in question, he’s not going to be amused. Gerard’s blocked fans for doing that in the past, including one fan who posted tweet after tweet about what a horrible person Mikey was and how he broke up the band, then tried sucking up to Gerard (and then didn’t understand why she was blocked.) They don’t appreciate fans who insult the ones they care about, whether we like those people or not.

6. Don’t send them declarations of love. It’s one thing to love a band member in a platonic, supportive way, but it’s another to say “Marry me!” “Have my babies!” “Here’s a graphic sexual proposition!” That might seem like a good way to get their attention, but honestly, it just creeps them out. Even if it’s a joke, it doesn’t sound like one, considering how many fans are dead serious when they say those things. And not only are we disrespecting the band member and his family, we’re disrespecting ourselves by throwing ourselves at a total stranger. Have some self-respect.

7. Untag them if you get into an argument. I’ve seen Gerard ask people to remove his tag from their tweets before, because a couple of people tweeted him, then got into a massive argument, and he was stuck scrolling through it in his mentions. Try to remove the band member’s tag if you start arguing with somebody, even if it’s related to him.

8. Don’t attack the guys when they screw up (or we think they screwed up.) We’ve all seen what happens when an ugly story or rumor shows up, and a large chunk of this fandom floods the band member in question with hate. Not only does that cause him a lot of pain and make the situation ten times worse, it’s none of our business in the first place. We don’t have the right to butt into his life and “punish” him for a presumed misdeed.

Imagine your parents are lecturing you for staying out past your curfew. Suddenly the neighbor woman bursts through the door and screams “You little brat! Your parents should ground you for a month!” You’d probably be angry, because the situation is none of this woman’s business, and she’s just adding fuel to the fire. Likewise, we don’t have the right to get involved with the guys’ personal lives and lecture, insult, or threaten them. All that does is make the situation much worse for everyone involved, as well as encourage rumors and mindless hate.

And the fact is, we never know the entire situation. No matter how many vague tweets are posted, no matter how many theories are spread around, no matter how many insiders gossip and share sometimes contradicting stories: we weren’t there, we saw none of this personally, and we know none of the people involved. Remember when Mikey got all that hate for cheating on his ex, only to have it come out a year later that he didn’t cheat at all? This fandom caused a ridiculous amount of unnecessary pain and suffering, not just for him, but for his friends and family members, including Gerard. It’s fine to have an opinion on situations like these, but don’t jump into the fray and worsen a situation that we have no business being in.

9. Don’t tweet the guys about the break-up, especially in an angry or insulting way.
Sometimes it might seem like the guys aren’t affected by the split at all, since it was their decision and they don’t talk about it nearly as much as we do. But My Chemical Romance was one of the most significant accomplishments of their lives, altered them in ways we probably can’t begin to imagine, and was something to which they dedicated ten years of pain, effort, and passion. They’ve all shown in different ways that the split was a difficult time in their lives, and MCR wasn’t something they tossed aside on a whim. Sending them angry accusations, demanding that they get MCR back together, pleading for a reunion, guilt-tripping them, and repeatedly bringing it up only makes it harder on everyone, including us. We have to let the guys move on with their lives, instead of trying to drag them back into the past.

10. Don’t take it personally if the guys don’t respond to your tweets. I’ve seen fans send strings of angry tweets to one of the guys for “ignoring” them. They can’t respond to every tweet, even if they want to, and they certainly don’t see all of them. They get so many tweets per day that our tweets are quickly lost in the flood.

But like I said earlier, this doesn’t mean we can send them insults, or take our anger out on them. There’s always the chance that they’ll see them and feel terrible. Remember: always assume that the guys will see your tweets, even if you don’t think they will.

11. If you’re blocked, try reevaluating your behavior. I’ve seen people get involved in drama and send Gerard nasty insults, and then turn around and wonder why he blocked them. They’re people too, guys. If Gerard (or another member) blocks us, instead of assuming he’s the bad guy, we should take a look at our own behavior. Did we insult him? Insult a friend or family member? Make an accusation? Start or get involved in drama? Chances are, we probably did something offensive. There are the odd fans who may have been unfairly blocked, but in general, that’s not the case.

Now that I’ve spent all that time talking about what we shouldn’t tweet, here’s what we should tweet:

12. Focus on what the guys want us to focus on: positivity and their future projects. Stand out from the crowd of people shouting insults, asking about their personal lives, and demanding an MCR reunion, and be positive instead. It’s not that you can’t have a negative opinion about anything, or that you should shower the guys with mindless praise, but after months of negativity, they’ll appreciate fans like you. As Gerard said in his recent letter:

As far as yesterday is concerned, the last thing I’d want anyone to feel is that I have a general perception of you all as overwhelmingly negative. That is not the case…if you are someone that spreads positivity and love then you should know who you are and take ownership of that, because it is no easy feat.

Some ways to do that:

  • Encourage their new music and projects. They have to be nervous when they share something new, and your enthusiasm will make a big difference. Notice how happy, excited, and relaxed Mikey became when Electric Century had a good reaction. Even one positive tweet from one person can make a difference.

  • Share your fan art, crafts, and other creations. Gerard especially seems to love seeing what fans come up with.

  • Participate in Q&As, games, and contests.

  • Send them encouragement, even if it’s for no particular reason at all. The guys need it right now, and who knows, you could brighten their day.

  • Show respect when asking questions or sending them tweets in general. Basically, be someone that this fandom should look up to.

Well, I hope this helps a little. If you have any more tips to this post, feel free to do so!

Song: Love is an Open Door (Japanese)
Artist: Sayaka Kanda & Tsuda Eisuke

Plays: 71,857



とびら開けて (Open Door)


…in theory a blast of human passion could shock the mainframe into a cold start…


Just in time for Easter, here’s a brand new entry from the Department of Extraordinary Eggshell Artists: Polish artist Piotr Bockenheim spends countless hours using a tiny electric drill, an awesomely delicate touch, and immeasurable patience to turn goose egg shells into exquisite sculptures.

Head over to Piotr’s DeviantART gallery to view more.

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